Morandi on their single “Kalinka”, new album and fresh sound!

Romanian duo Morandi, consisting of Marius Moga and Andrei Ştefan Ropcea, has a lot of hits to their credit, for example their most popular song “Angels (Love Is the Answer)”. After a break they came back with a new single “Kalinka”, but it is not everything and we can expect new music from Morandi in 2019. We managed to talk with the duo about their music and upcoming album!


“Angels (Love Is the Answer)” is probably one of your best known songs and the one that allowed you to reach the wider public with your music. I remember hearing it everywhere, it had a big impact. Did you expected this particular song to achieve such success or were you surprised?

We never predicted anything, it was a surprise for us. This is because music, or art in general, is subjective and even if we believed in our music and this song in particular, we didn’t know what to expect. We always put our souls in what we create and “Angels (Love Is the Answer)”, was a song full of emotion. Maybe this is the secret, to sing about what you believe in.

Speaking of best songs – what are your own favorites when it comes to your discography?

We always prefer the most recent one. Now, our favorite is the latest single, Kalinka. We also have so many great songs on the new album we are working on, that is to be released in 2019. We think this album will be the best so far!

Your newest single “Kalinka” was well received in Poland and Europe in general. New and fresh sound combined with a classic “Kalinka” sample was surely a good choice. Can we expect new music in the near future? Can you reveal any information or details about what fans could expect?

The new album will be released in 2019 and it is a little different in terms of sound. We are combining new sounds and electronic styles. Everything will be fresh, but we are keeping our signature electronic style.

Back in 2009 you have released your single “Colors”, a lead single from your fourth album which was rumored to be called “Zebra”. The time have passed and more songs were released. What happened to that project or was it eventually scrapped?

We took a break for a couple of years just to understand what we have to do next with our music. We wanted to reinvent Morandi and we decided to take some time to find a new sound. We will release a new album, not the zebra album, but a whole ‘zoo’ of great songs!

In your latest song “Kalinka” you managed to put together three languages – English, Spanish and Russian. It seems like there are no language barriers for Morandi. Have you thought about learning or incorporating another language, perhaps Polish?

We never say never because life is so unpredictable. And we certainly experienced with many languages in our songs, like Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek & Italian. We are inspired by all the languages of the world, because each of them is special and it has a certain sound that you can use to do a great track. I think that there are no barriers for us and Polish is on our radar. So yes, maybe in the future you will hear a song by Morandi in Polish.

Throughout your career you have collaborated with many artists, both on your own and side projects. Who is your dream collaborator and with whom would you like to work with?

I am sure that in the near future we will have a lot of interesting collaborations, because Morandi is an electronic project and we like to bring variety with the sound and voices. We would love to do featurings with top DJ’s and vocalists, but I won’t tell you the names until it happens. We like to surprise people. What I can tell you is that at the beginning of 2019 we will release a trap version of Kalinka featuring an amazing artist from the USA, Swanny Ivy.

You are currently recording new music and in the meantime doing shows. You have visited Poland in the past, but do you have any plans for the future to announce a concert in our country? Polish fans are certainly waiting for that and would be happy to see you live again!

We love your country and its people, so of course we will have shows in the future in Poland.

Many of your songs convey social messages, for example tracks like “Angels (Love Is the Answer)” or “Save Me”, which the latter is my favorite of all time. Your music certainly helped a lot of people. What would be Morandi’s essential social statement in 2019 to deliver?

It’s always been about love, peace, compassion and generosity. We are never alone, although sometimes it seems this way. We are connected in so many ways and I think music brings people together.

The Morandi project that you started in 2004 gave you an opportunity to record many fantastic songs and achieve publicity across Europe. However, while working together for over fourteen years, do you ever argue or disagree when it comes to your music?

I think that sometimes arguing can have positive results, and in our case, it does. Every time we disagree about the sound or lyrics, the results are amazing, because we both bring to the table our best ideas, and learn from one another. You can create something great when you understand that your ideas combined with other ideas can lead to something better then you dreamed.

The year of 2018 has ended. New year is a perfect moment to look back and think about resolutions for the upcoming months. What are your professional and personal resolutions?

We are glad that we found a new and fresh style for Morandi and we are working on new energetic tracks. It was a year of reflections, of searching for answers and inspiration…and we found all of them!

At the end, is there any message you would like to give to your Polish fans and POPHEART readers?

We are so blessed that our music is getting to all of them. Music transcends any difference, barrier and color and it shows us how similar we all are: we dream, we live, we love! We wish you happy holidays and an amazing 2019! And we can’t wait to come back to Poland!

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