Poppy on her identity, new album “Am I A Girl?” and working with Diplo

Last year American singer and a Internet sensation Poppy presented her first album. The longplay was praised both by the listeners and music critics. No wonder she is continues her journey with music and soon will debut her new record “Am I A Girl?”. Few days ago Poppy had played a concert in Poland as a part of the European tour, that is why we took an opportunity to interview her!


“Poppy.Computer” was a pop-flavored journey to the wonderful world of the Internet. What can we expect from your upcoming album, “Am I A Girl?”?

This new album was a way for me to help make pop music great again. I wanted to make songs that are not slow and boring. Pop music is very important to me and I think the only way to save pop music is to make fun pop music, because I am Poppy.

How important is the idea of ‘identity’ according to Poppy?

Everyone has their own identity and personal brand. I think having a strong personal brand is important because then people will be able to understand you when they come across your profile on social media. Social media is important because we are able to let other people on the Internet understand your identity.

“Am I A Girl?” seems to be different in terms of music and lyrics than its precedessor. Is stepping away from the Poppy persona a way to express your artistic vision for the album?

I don’t know what a persona is. Poppy is Poppy. I am stepping into something new with this album. I am exploring new ideas with this album because I have discovered new things to sing about that are important.

Your online persona and music are often compared to the works of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Japanese singer and personality. Do you think such comparison is accurate?

I love Kyary-chan and I have had the chance to hangout with her a few times now. She is very beautiful and kind. Her music is very influential and she has been a big inspiration ever since I was a little Poppy

Instagram: @kyarypappa

Are there any Japanese artists you would like to collaborate with?

Cornelius and Midori are two of my favorite Japanese artists. It would be a dream to make a song with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. There is a very unique sound to Japanese music that I have always been drawn to.

You have recently released your new single “Time is Up” featuring Diplo. What has he contributed to your artistic vision?

Diplo signed me to his record label and I wrote “Time Is Up” for him. We have a lot of common musicial influences and when we first met we listened to a lot of songs that we both loved. He has been very supportive of Poppy and we love him for that.

Apart from Diplo, you have collaborated with Grimes on your new record. How would you describe the final outcome?

Angry and cute.

What can fans who have heard “Poppy.Computer” expect from the upcoming record? What can surprise them on this project?

“Am I A Girl?” is an evolution of “Poppy.Computer”. I made my first album in Japan and that had a strong influence on how it sounded. This time I recorded in Hollywood and this album sounds like Hollywood.

In one of your interviews you have said: “I just want to make the world happy and cute because nobody else is right now”. What would be the perfect world for Poppy?

Poppy wants to see a world where people use the internet as a place to share love and happiness instead of a place to compete over being the biggest complainer. I think the people who created the Internet must be confused by how people have chosen to utilize it in recent years.

What are the differences in the world you want to show us from the one we live in?

A lot of people don’t believe in themselves and your experience on this planet can be greatly improved by having more confidence and creating experiences that bring joy to people. We can all make a difference by creating things that come from a pure place and sharing them with the world.

What was the idea behind Poppy.Church?

I needed to give my followers a home. It is a place they can go to worship and follow the word of Poppy. It is happy and cute there because everyone is together. You should stop by some time.

What is your relationship with the members of the Poppy.Church?

I cherish all members of the church. They hear updates on Poppy first and we are connected in a way that other social media doesn’t provide.

We are still ahead from the release of “Am I A Girl?” and you seem to have a lot of ideas for the future. What can we expect from Poppy in the following months?

I can’t tell u that 🙂

Is there any message you would like to give to your Polish fans?

I love you very much and I am so excited to be in Poland for the first time. I love the architecture in Warsaw and the food is very beautiful. Being on tour in Europe has been an amazing adventure and I love seeing all of the differences between each country. I also love how pretty the language sounds here.

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